Once you’ve set the date for your special day, it’s time to announce the news to your guests! Save the date cards are a fun way to do this. They let your guests know the date of your wedding, helping them prepare in advance. And they're also a great way to give guests their first glimpse at your wedding theme!

How do I choose my save the date cards?

If you're a highly organised bride with a theme already in mind, you can match them to the rest of your planned stationery. But if not, don’t worry about matching them to your invites, as they are much more informal. Around this time, you should have a general gist of your wedding theme, be it traditional or creative, and you can start looking for appropriate designs.

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Featured Design: Pink Roses & Greenery Save the Date Cards

If you’re looking for something a little bit more unique, you can also buy personalised magnets instead of cards. These make a sweet keepsake and will give your guests a reminder of your special day every time they go to the fridge!

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Featured Design: Chalkboard Flowers & Lace Save the Date Magnets

If you really want to break with tradition, go for something totally original. From save the date balloons and pencils to cookies and even tea towels, there's no end to the quirky options!

What should I include on my save the date cards?

Save the date cards only need to include key information about the day. This includes your names and date. However, there are a few more things to consider.

1) Save the date cards are a relatively new concept, so there aren't any set rules regarding etiquette. This means you can play around with your ideas, wording, and design! They're not as formal as the rest of your stationery, so make them as creative as you wish.

2) Finalise your guest list before sending save the dates, as recipients will expect an invite to the whole wedding. Don’t send

them to people you may not invite or reception-only guests. If you don’t send a save the date card to someone you want to invite, don't fret; just send them the invitation.

3) Make it clear who you are inviting through the names on the envelope. If your wedding is adults-only, just write the adults' names, not the family surname. If children are invited, add their names. This will limit confusion and prevent awkward situations! Add ‘and guest’ after the recipient’s name if plus-ones are allowed.

4) At this stage, it’s not essential to include your wedding location unless you’re get

ting married abroad. Destination weddings should include the location, but for a special day closer to home, it’s nice to save some exciting details for the invitation.

5) Tell guests that a formal invitation will come soon in case they mistakenly think this is their invite.

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Featured Design: Rustic Country Lace Save the Date Cards

When should I send my save the date cards?

The ideal time to send save the date cards is around six to eight months before your wedding day, as this gives guests a reasonable amount of time to prepare. If you’re planning a wedding in a busy holiday season or abroad, inform guests a year before the big day. This makes sure they have enough time to clear their schedules or book time off work.

Make sure to order any stationery in advance to allow for delays and corrections - it does happen. Many stationery suppliers offer an online proof service which lets you check your order before printing. You should also ask close friends or family members to double-check your cards, too.