With so many different wedding themes available, choosing just one can seem impossible. However, it can (and will) be done! Here are our top tips to help you theme your wedding day.

Take a look at your own style

While it is easy to get caught up in planning a wedding that guests will love, it is important to remember whose opinion really matters - yours! When choosing a theme, take inspiration from your personality, interests, and style to create your perfect day. If your parents are pushing you towards a traditional church wedding but you're desperate to marry in a wild festival-inspired venue, don't feel the need to agree, it is your big day after all!

How to Theme Your Wedding Day - Clothes

Don't forget it's your partner's day too! If you have shared interests, finding a wedding theme can be easy as you can base your day around these (i.e. a nautical theme for a couple who love boating). However, if you have an 'opposites attract' chemistry, finding a theme can be harder due to different interests and styles. The best thing to do is compromise. Separating your wedding must-haves from your wedding wants helps you find common ground and settle on a theme you both love. Alternatively, have one of you choose the ceremony style, and the other the reception, so you both have an influence on your special day and guests can see your personalities shining through.

How to Theme Your Wedding Day - Partner

If you are unsure or have an eclectic style, you could have a versatile wedding theme and inject hints of your personality through your colour scheme. Simply pick your favourite colours and use these in a few accessories, such as your bridesmaids dresses, flowers, and wedding stationery. Don't go overboard though, sometimes less is definitely more! Take inspiration from your home too, as this probably reflects your style well.

Create a theme mood-board

The best way to start thinking about your theme is to look at other people's weddings! Create a mood-board on Pinterest to gather your favourite ideas into one place and create different boards for potential themes. After a few weeks, you're sure to have invested a lot more into one theme and be drawn towards that board more. If not, keep pinning!

How to Theme Your Wedding Day - Moodboard

You could also take a more traditional route and buy wedding magazines. Not only will these be stuffed full of ideas for your theme, but they will also have tips and tricks for your wedding day, alongside real wedding stories to help you prepare. Take snippets from your favourite magazines to create a wedding collage, and invite your bridal party over to help! Buying a wedding planning journal for your favourite ideas makes a lovely memento for you and your closest friends to look back upon.

Consider the venue and season

Some people settle on a venue before they plan their theme. If you have, look at your venue and consider what themes suit it. Some venues can be versatile, such as a hotel venue. Meanwhile, others work best with a couple of set themes (think woodland weddings). If you're stuck for inspiration, take a look at your wedding venue website and the pictures of real weddings there.

How to Theme Your Wedding Day - Table

Similarly, if you've decided on your wedding date, you need to take your wedding season into account. Take inspiration from your wedding season and work with it. Having a winter wedding? A gorgeous Christmas themed day would be absolutely stunning. A spring wedding? Think outdoor venues and floral accessories. Whilst some themes work with any season, it is important to consider the impact the season will have on your day. You don't want cold guests or a buffet in the rain!

How to Theme Your Wedding Day - Winter

Order free samples

Ordering stationery is a great way to announce your theme to your wedding guests. While ordering stationery can be exciting and you want to order it straight away, we recommend ordering free samples first to make sure your stationery is perfect. The last thing you want is to order stationery that looks better online than in real life! Here at WHSmith Wedding Stationery, we offer a free samples service on our wedding invites which means you can try before you buy and check out our high-quality invites for yourself.

How to Theme Your Wedding Day - Samples

Featured Design: Kraft Ivory Lace Boutique Sample

Matching stationery

Once you've tried out your favourite themes through your samples, it is time to order your stationery! Start with save the date cards. They're great for trying out themes and deciding what works best. Next is our favourite part, the invites. The invites give off a real sense of your wedding theme and will begin to really excite guests for the big day. Then, to perfect your wedding theme, order matching stationery. We stock everything you could need, from table plans to orders of service, as well as everything you could want, like confetti, wine bottle labels, favour tags, and more!

How to Theme Your Wedding Day - Order of Service

Featured Design: Wedding Tandem Order of Service Booklet

Enjoy yourselves

The most important part of your wedding day is definitely the way you feel. So don't spend too long stressing over little details trying to perfect a theme. Whilst guests will appreciate a beautiful wedding, they probably won't notice all of the little details. So lose yourself in the moment and enjoy your day!

How to Theme Your Wedding Day - Cheers

We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide to wedding themes. To read more wedding advice, check out our blog.